Frequently asked question

How much does an internship advertisment cost?

The cost of publishing an internship opportunity is €250 plus tax. Besides that, we have various additional promoting opportunities available. Please contact us for details.

Until last year, publishing an internship was free. Why do I have to pay now?

In the past few years we've invested a lot in rebuilding the software, the initial version having been released in 2005. As you know, quality software development is a costly venture.

When does the internship start, and how long does it take?

The mandatory internship period varies from university to university. We advise that the internship period be of at least 2.5 months full time. The internship should be held during the summer (after finals). Due note that most faculties have supplementary exams in September.

My faculty is not in the list

Send us an email and we'll add it.

I found a bug

Might be a feature, but we appreciate it, let us know.

I've got a new question for this list

Awesome! Send it to us.