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Web Development Internship (.NET, Angular)
Paid internship at SC KIREYEST SRL · Starts after academic term
  • – Business Software Development
  • room Iași

We are looking for passionate web development enthusiasts to join our team working in an Agile environment, with a small friendly team, developing scalable enterprise applications with .NET and various front-end frameworks (but mostly Angular).


  • On-going or finished IT-based faculty (Computer-Science and derivatives)
  • Very good knowledge of English (both written and spoken)
  • Proficiency in wanting to acquire new skills and practice them
  • Experience with Visual Studio / VS Code / other similar ID
  • Basic OOP knowledge (fundamentals, patterns - practical approach)
  • Basic data structures / algorithms knowledge
  • Basic C# & .NET knowledge (syntax, LINQ, EF)
  • Basic SQL knowledge (DDL & DML)
  • Basic SQL knowledge (DDL & DML)

Nice to have

  • GIT basics
  • Notions of web programming (HTTP Verbs, client-server patterns)
  • Advanced .NET / C# (.NET Core, threads, async-await, memory handling, SOLID in .NET etc)
  • MS-SQL (T-SQL) flavours knowledge
  • Knowledge of TypeScript / EcmaScript 2016+ / Angular

Must-haves in matter of personal skills

  • A friendly attitude
  • Communication → discussing solutions to future problems and improvements to existing solutions
  • The ability to speak / debate about a personal (or from somewhere else) project
  • Real-world problem solving skills and the art of abstraction (map the real-world problems into code)
  • The ability to solve minor issues or how-to's by using Google and Stack Overflow


  • Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle
  • Write good code and be able to improve your code-writing skills after code-reviews
  • Revise, update, refactor and debug code
  • Write tests for your code
  • Write tests for your code
  • Be fair-play as a (future) team-member